6 common cockroach hiding places in your home

You probably think cockroaches are disgusting. They’re known to carry pathogens that can transmit disease; they seem to sneak up on you when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night; and they’re just not pleasant to look at. But one of the few things that may be worse than seeing cockroaches; is seeing one and knowing that more could be hiding in your home.

Take a look at six of the most common cockroach hiding places in your house; and see what you can do to help prevent roaches from moving in.

  • Kitchen Appliances – Shudder at the thought of roaches hiding in the back of your microwave, fridge or oven? Unfortunately, these areas — along with countertop appliances like toasters and coffeemakers; — can be roach resorts due to the fact that the kitchen is warm; has moisture and is a great place to pick up bits of food debris. Take the time to wipe down counters after meals; clean under countertop appliances, vacuum or mop regularly; carry the trash out and keep sink drains and traps clear, and you could eliminate some major cockroach attractants.
  • Cabinets – Think cockroaches can’t penetrate your cabinetry? Think again. They’ve got no problem sneaking into cupboards to feast on any food bits that may have spilled throughout. Clean your cabinets and pantry regularly to make them less attractive to creepy crawlers. In addition, store food like grains, pastas and pet food in sealed air-tight containers.
  • Electronics – Have you ever eaten a snack while finishing off a report or typing an email on your laptop? We’ve been there, too. Unfortunately, crumbs and other food particles can fall in between and under your keys. Some species of roaches are small enough to wriggle through gaps in the keyboard; meaning they can set up camp in your computer. Make your electronics less attractive to roaches by setting them aside when you eat and using canned air to keep keyboards clean.

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  • Pipes – The pipes that run throughout your home tend to be located in dark places, whether they’re situated in the basement or under sinks. Couple that darkness with moisture from drips or leaks, and you’ve got yourself a cockroach oasis. Want roaches to feel less welcome? Regularly check drains, pipes and faucets to make sure there are no drips or leaks. Additionally, seal any cracks or holes around plumbing that leads to the outdoors to give roaches one less access point.
  • Furniture – You’re not the only one who thinks that the couch is nice and comfy. Roaches will sometimes camp out on — or in, rather — your couch, especially if you tend to spill as you snack and stream movies. What’s worse is that cockroaches can lay eggs in and on your furniture. Help prevent this by regularly vacuuming upholstered furnishings and inspecting wooden furniture for egg casings that need to be cleared away.
  • Nooks and Crannies – Houses and apartments have all sorts of cracks and crevices that can make excellent cockroach hiding places. These can include your baseboards and trim, the backs of picture frames and corners where you’ve let the recycling pile up. You could avoid infestations in these areas by eliminating stacks of debris that might attract roaches. In addition, inspect your home to make sure all cracks are sealed and your baseboards and trim fit flush.

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