Cockroach Exterminators Near Me Service

Our cockroach pest control exterminators near me service is available for both domestic and commercial properties. Therefore, if you see a cockroach, you need to take it seriously, call a cockroach exterminator.

Cockroaches aren’t just nocturnal, they hate light. As soon as you shine a light on them they’ll speed off to the nearest shadow. This means they can remain hidden in a home or business; while their population secretly grows into a full blown infestation.

If you’ve spotted even just one cockroach; you can assume there’s many more; perhaps hundreds – hiding beneath your kitchen units, washing machine or dish washer, or in cracks, crevices and cavity walls.

Hopefully, you have solutions – Cockroach Pest Control Exterminators Near Me Service. Only a professional pest control investigation can identity the extent of a cockroach infestation and root out their hidden homes. You might manage to kill a few cockroaches with shop-bought poisons and insecticides; but without attacking them at their source, their rapid breeding rate means they’ll replenish their population in no time.

Cockroach Exterminators Near Me Service

Cockroach Exterminators Near Me Service means that we have a team of technicians in almost every big areas in London; always ready to help you get rid of these pests for good. And because we are professionals, you can rest assured that our rates are fair and affordable for everyone.

Our cockroach treatment involves a site inspection, monitoring of the infestation, residual insecticides and hormonal gels for long term extermination and population control.

How to identify a cockroach

There are four known cockroach species in London: the German, Oriental, American and banded, with the German and Oriental being the most common.

German cockroach

Length: 12-16mm
Features: Wings slightly longer than body
Colour: Light or dark brown with two black stripes along wings
Behaviour: Very fast runner and climber, seeks out dark places
Link: Wiki

Oriental cockroach

Length: 22-30mm
Features: Females have short wings, males long wings, around 2/3 of body length
Colour: Shiny black or brown
Behaviour: Fast crawler, spreads chemicals with a musty odour
Link: Wiki

To start your cockroach control treatment today; call us now at 0800 955 1015 and one of our technicians will inspect your home or business right away.

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