Creating excellence in cockroach baiting programmes

Here are some of the main characteristics that cockroach baiting programmes needs to have in order to be efficient:

  • To be attractive, bait must contain nutrients that are both limited and unique in the urban area;
  • Cockroaches select nutrients to correct deficiencies from feeding on unbalanced food;
  • Baits should provide a complete and balanced food component to optimise success;
  • Cockroaches eat cockroach faeces to gain nutrients necessary for survival;
  • Slower actives provide increased access to vomitus and improve secondary mortality;
  • Resistance in a cockroach population may increase if baits fall short of being lethal.

Cockroach nutrition

For a bait to be attractive when placed in urban areas with many competing food sources; it must contain nutrients that are both limited and unique in the environment. The nutritional value of foods has a very significant impact on cockroach development and reproduction.

Given the relatively simplistic nerve structure of cockroaches; with the brain a supra-oesophageal nerve ganglion (cluster of nerves) formed by the fusion of three pairs of ganglia; it is surprising to learn that cockroaches are actually able to self-select the nutrients they require to correct nutrient; deficiencies that arise from feeding on unbalanced food sources.

Toxicant transfer

The transfer of cockroach bait toxicants has arisen through the development of improved bait technologies. At the same time, a degree of mythology has arisen surrounding toxicant transfer, that is often not supported by scientific data.

Toxicant transfer is dependent upon cockroaches that have fed upon a bait; contaminating their environment with toxicant laden faeces and vomitus; which is then consumed by other cockroaches. This transfer or secondary distribution of the toxicant is most important in the control of the more sedentary life stages; specifically gravid females and early stadia nymphs.


There are few documented scientific reports of control failure of cockroach bait products; containing the more recently developed active constituents, due to physiological resistance. When cockroaches feed on a quality bait, the active is consumed at significantly higher doses than those required to kill.

The frequency of a resistance gene within a German cockroach population may increase; if some cockroaches survive sub-lethal exposure to baits. This may occur through the ingestion of lower doses of insecticide from cockroach excretion.

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