German cockroach habitat and where they like to nest

The fast way for the German cockroach to infest a building where are multiple flats is from common waste pipes, plumbing and electric cables connecting the flats. The cockroach follow the pipes and access the kitchen and recycle areas where the people dump the food waste. Then if one flat has a cockroach infestation in a short period of time others get infested.

How the cockroach get in my flat?

The German cockroach is hiding in many places like furniture, electronics and groceries aliments. It is an infestation in the building near your flat they easy can visit too.

Where the german cockroach they nest?

German cockroach nest will be near a food source, they are very good claimers and able to enter in small cracks and crevices that make them capable to have access in the kitchen cabinets and food storage and travel from one room to other, where they start nesting and contaminate the food on the same time.
Most likely places where cockroach-like to nest is behind fridges, cookers and other electric units in the kitchens and not only.
The best temperature for cockroach habitat is from 26′ C to 35’C

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